Community benefits

Taxes Paid

  • Projected State Equalized Valuation: Estimated $51.6 million
    – Project will have one of the highest SEVs in the county
  • Taxes paid in first year: Estimated $785,139
  • Taxes paid over 20 years: Estimated $8,149,528
    – This figure recognizes depreciation, assumes constant millage rates.  It should be noted that under state law, the turbines are considered industrial personal
  • County taxes flow to:
    – County operating and transit
    – Bengal, Essex and Dallas Township operating budgets
    – Fowler public school district
    – Intermediate schools operating/admin, special ED, and vocational ED

Tax Revenue for schools, townships and county

Direct and indirect benefits

  • Estimate approximately 231 million in locally sourced construction materials such as labor, concrete and electrical equipment
  • Jobs during construction:  About 581
     – Many jobs by specialized workers who will move into the  community during
    construction, utilizing local services and goods including, lodging, supermarkets, etc.
    – A substantial amount of earth moving, surveying, engineering and operations is expected to be provided by local businesses, employing Mid-Michigan residents.
  • Economic impact during construction:  Estimated $16.7 million1
  • Ongoing maintenance jobs:  About 51
1. Based on U.S. Department of Energy model, Spring, 2011

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