Project details

Proposed Timeline

  • Application to Clinton County for Special Use Permit: Summer 2012
  • Commence Construction: Late 2013
  • Commercial Operations: Early 2014

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All Clinton County Ordinance requirements are met

The Fowler Farms Project has taken care to meet and where possible exceed all local zoning requirements as demonstrated in the Special Use Permit Application. These requirements include setbacks from structures and property lines, environmental protection, limits to noise and shadow flicker impacts, and any relevant local, state and federal regulations. 


  • Primary structures 4 times the total height (1,706 feet)
  • Non-participating property lines 1.5 times tower height (640 feet)
  • Public roads (from Right of-Way) 1.5 times the total tower height (640 feet)
  • Transmission lines 1.5 times the total tower height (640 feet)
  • Between Utility Scale Structures 3 times the rotor diameter (984 feet)
  • Tower Height Restriction 450 feet
Audible sound 
  • Compliance with the ordinance (45 dB(A) at non-participating residences
  • Project sound level will meet the County Ordinance limit of 45 dB(A) at all residences
  • Compliance with the 55 dB(A) requirement at all property lines

Other requirements met

  • Shadow Flicker – No more than 30 hours per year at all residences
  • Endangered species review (bird and bat studies) – no impacts
  • Wetlands delineation – no impacts
  • Minor wetlands permit – application filed
  • Cultural and archaeological review – no impacts
  • Electrical/structural interference study – no impacts
  • Soil study – soil suitable for turbine construction
  • Engineering drawings for site plans – completed
  • Agency Consultations: US Fish and Wildlife, Michigan department of Environmental Quality, Michigan Department of Transportation, Michigan Department of Agriculture, Clinton County Drain Commission, Clinton County Road Commission


The Fowler Farms Special Use Permit Application is under review with Clinton County and the exact timeline for construction is not yet determined. The project generally anticipates construction to begin at the end of 2013. Below are some general parameters of the level of activity necessary to construct a wind project of this size.

  • Construction: approximately 6 months
    – Peak construction period lasting 3-4 months.
    – Typical construction day will be 10 hours long.
    – About 7 trucks per hour during peak
  • 70 large truck trips per; 200 small-vehicle (pickups and automobiles) trips daily during peak construction.
  • 20 will be wind turbine component deliveries.
    – Balance is concrete, aggregate, and miscellaneous delivery trucks.

4 Responses to Project details

  1. Leosn D Searles says:

    Who is the engeneer on this project? I am a sand & gravel producer very close to the NE side of the project. I am like anyone else I am looking for work on this project.

    Thank you very much
    Leon D Searles

    • fowlerfarmswind says:

      Mr. Searles,

      We are not at the point in the project where we’re prepared to look for sand and gravel producers. However, we are certainly interested in sourcing local materials wherever possible and we will keep your name on file for when we are ready to take that step.

  2. Lori Pung says:

    I am a resident in Clinton County and I was curious to know if the shadow flicker study you conducted and submitted to the County included night time hours for moon flicker? Thank you.

    • fowlerfarmswind says:

      Ms. Pung,

      We looked into this issue, and no moon flicker is expected to occur from the turbines. The moon only casts light bright enough to create distinct shadows when it is high in the night sky. No flicker can occur when a light source, the sun or perhaps the moon, is above the turbine. There are no known records of complaints associated with moon flicker.

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